Class Schedule & Pilates Etiquette


Since we have a limited number of parking spots under the building, we kindly ask our Pilates clients to park on the street. The reserved parking spots are for our physical therapy patients, many of whom need easy access to an elevator. All of the street parking near our building is free!


Although Blue Sky Pilates + Wellness has a laid-back, friendly atmosphere, please be respectful toward our hardworking front desk staff. If you need assistance, take a moment to stop by the front desk. Please understand that we cannot have clients behind the front desk as that is a violation of HIPPA.


We are always happy to help with any scheduling or purchasing needs. For your convenience, consider using our online schedule. You can easily manage both your schedule and packages online through MindBody. CLICK HERE FOR OUR ONLINE SCHEDULE. You must sign up in advance for classes to guarantee a spot. Clients are responsible for managing their class schedule and packages.


Please refrain from using heavily scented perfumes, lotions or oils before class as a courtesy to clients and staff who have allergies or sensitivities to smells.


Blue Sky only allows service animals in our clinic. Please leave pets or animals at home if they are not your service animal specifically trained to aid with a disability.


All of our packages have generous but firm expiration dates. The expiration dates are noted on MindBody and on our Pilates flier at the front desk. If you are unable to use all classes in a package before the expiration date, consider purchasing a smaller package. We do not extend expiration dates or refund packages.


We ask all clients to clean your machine after class. We provide the spray bottles and towels for you. This helps to prolong the life of the machines and curb the spread of illnesses.


Please silence your cell phone before class. If you need to use your phone, please step into the hallway.