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Corrective Exercise

Corrective exercise is designed for people who would like to achieve a higher level of exercise but feel constrained by chronic tension and pain in their muscles and joints. The goal of corrective exercise is to empower the participant with practical knowledge and to use movement and specific exercises to achieve a more stable, fluid and confident sense of mobility with less achiness, stiffness or soreness. Jonathan Hebert, LCMT and certified corrective exercise specialist will start the session with a guided full body warm-up routine. After the warm-up, participants will use select gym equipment under Jonathan’s supervision to develop personalized corrective exercise routines and stretches for their focus areas. You will learn specifically designed movements, stretches and postural corrections to help promote healthy tissues and to avoid injury. Corrective exercise is appropriate for people of all ages and all activity levels. You can choose to participate in a group class or schedule a private session.