1 Year Membership Terms & Agreement

Membership Agreement

Blue Sky Pilates and Wellness, Inc Membership Agreement


  1. Agreement: This agreement is between Blue Sky Pilates and Wellness, Inc and you the member. Blue Sky Pilates and Wellness, Inc is a Pilates studio offering Video On Demand access containing a wide variety of fitness and wellness related content. This agreement entitles the member access to the Video On Demand Library. 
  2. Membership: This is a one-year (12-month) membership, commencing on the day the sale of the membership is made. Each member agrees to pay their monthly fee for their membership via a credit card or debit card designated during the purchase of the membership; and each member hereby authorizes Blue Sky Pilates and Wellness, Inc to make such charges. Automatic payments will be processed on the same day of the month which the membership was purchased, for the following months. Each member understands that the 12-month contract automatically renews after every 12 payments and any automatic membership payments will continue until the member provides thirty (30) day notice of cancellation via email or phone call to Blue Sky Pilates and Wellness, Inc. All memberships are not refundable in part or full under any circumstances. 
  3. Termination/Cancellation: Members can cancel their membership at any time by providing notice via email to pt@blueskypt.com or by calling 303-388-1537 and speaking with an office member at Blue Sky Pilates and Wellness, Inc. Each member must provide notice of cancellation no less than thirty (30) days prior to the due date of their next billing payment. 
  4. Membership Freeze Policy: Members may freeze their membership for a medical reason. Freezes can be for thirty (30) to ninety (90) days at a time. Blue Sky Pilates and Wellness, Inc may ask for documentation to verify the member’s situation. Freeze time on the membership will stop your membership payments during the freeze period. The time of any freeze will extend the one-year (12-month) membership term by the amount of time of the freeze.